Health, wellbeing and happiness has always been a central theme in my life – the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and of our planet as a whole. Nutrition quickly became the focus of my career path. As a health interventionist, cooking instructor and vegan chef in commercial settings as well as community-based healthy eating projects such as Slow Food, Shoreditch Trust and The Real Junk Food Project, I was able to connect with a wide range of populations including children and parents, teenagers, families, adults and carers.

Working in clinics for individuals affected by eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating and obesity gave me valuable insight into eating behaviour while completing my BSc Psychology and MSc Health Psychology in London. As a postgraduate researcher in developmental psychology at University of Sheffield, I investigate ‘Media influence and Childhood Obesity’. I enjoy public engagement and participate in a variety of outreach and impact programs such as Cafe Scientifique, Pint of Science and STEM Discovery.

On my free days you will find me running a food stall various markets and fairs across Sheffield. I am very excited to open my weekly PopUp Cafe at Union Street, S1 in June Turning Earth Tuesdays. Prepare for tasty sandwiches, delicious soups and vegan treats!


Why “Turning Earth”?

“Turning Earth” stems from the idea that rather than living on a dead rock that happens to fly across the sky, we live on a living and breathing organism (link) with changing seasons, an inherent balance, and perhaps even consciousness – And it is about time that we started treating Mother Earth in a way that reflects this understanding!

Turning Earth strives to offer services and projects that contribute to social and environmental wellbeing, support psychological and physical health and help individuals and communities to move closer together. This is why Turning Earth is dedicated to activities that nourish individual, community and planetary wellbeing and improve social and environmental justice.

This is why Turning Earth is dedicated to activities that nourish individual, community and planetary wellbeing and improve social and environmental justice, such as cooking classes. Cooking classes bring people together, teach shopping, budgeting, and cooking skills, increase nutritional knowledge and reduce food waste in order to empower people to make informed choices – with health and nature in mind. They bring communities closer together, build healthy relationships to neighbours and create social support networks. Participants experience achievement, develop their self-esteem and can improve team working skills, leadership skills, mentoring abilities and other important soft skills.

Turning Earth Cafe places a strong emphasis on organic, local, regional, seasonal and fair trade produce. This is good for local business, for individual and community health and wellbeing, for the global community and for the environment.

With every pound we spend, we cast a vote for the world we want to live in. I want to live in a world where both humans and nature strive instead of merely survive. we imagine a radiant neighbourhood filled with shops, enterprises and a successful and satisfied community.

Planning and shopping for Turning Earth events allows me to vote on a larger scale, every pound that I spend spells out that organic, local, regional, seasonal and fair trade is not only in demand, but the default option.

Let me give you an example: We shop at Sheffield’s 7 Hills Bakery because their flour is organic and locally grown. The sourdough that we buy is vegan. It is made of equal parts of whole-meal, white and rye flour that supports good health and slow energy release. It is produced a short walk from my kitchen, thus no air miles and minimal transport. There is no packaging – we pick up a crate and return a crate. They are an independent Sheffield bakery and we want to support local business.



We also try to leave as little trace as possible and support more sustainable choices. This is why Turning Earth Cafe uses only recycled, biodegradable or compostable materials from UK retailers for packaging. Our ever-changing salad and soup menu allows us to honour mother nature’s cycles, because we are able to adapt recipes according to season. Turning Earth Cafe is dedicated to offering foods and drinks that are good for the planet and the people!





Foto: (split in three in one row) Union Street, Abbeydale Road Car Boot Sale, Turning Earth Cafe Flyer. – NOT SURE WHERE THESE ARE