My name is Laura von Nordheim. Health, wellbeing and happiness has always been a central theme in my life. I am passionate about the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and of our planet as a whole. Nutrition quickly became the focus of my career path.

My work as a Health Psychologist includes the design, implementation and review of prevention and intervention programmes to empower individuals and communities to make healthier choices. This may include producing a Toothbrushing Rap to get children and parents excited about cleaning their teeth, or I may be developing training modules for nursery staff to learn about the latest nutrition guidelines and education approaches for healthier eating.

Working in clinics for individuals affected by eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating and obesity gave me valuable insight into eating behaviour while completing my BSc Psychology and MSc Health Psychology at Westminster University in London (UK). As a PhD researcher in Developmental Psychology at University of Sheffield (UK), I investigate ‘Media influence and Childhood Obesity’. More specifically, I research the effects of digital food advertising on children’s eating behaviour. I enjoy teaching and public engagement, and participate in a variety of outreach and impact programmes such as Cafe Scientifique, Pint of Science and STEM Discovery.

As a health interventionist, cooking instructor and vegan chef in commercial settings as well as community-based healthy eating projects such as Slow Food, Shoreditch Trust and The Real Junk Food Project, I learned to connect with a wide range of people from all walks of life,  including children, teenagers, parents, families, adults and carers.

Why “Turning Earth”?

“Turning Earth” stems from the idea that rather than living on a dead rock that happens to fly across the sky, we live on a living and breathing organism with changing seasons, an inherent balance, and perhaps even consciousness – and we are all part of that miracle. It is about time that we started treating Mother Earth in a way that reflects this understanding!

Turning Earth strives to offer services and projects that contribute to social and environmental wellbeing, support psychological and physical health and help individuals and communities to move closer together. This is why Turning Earth is dedicated to activities that nourish individual, community and planetary wellbeing and improve social and environmental justice.