Shoreditch Trust: Healthy Eating Classes in Hackney.

Shoreditch Trust is a registered charity based in Hackney, East London, that works with residents to support them to improve their health, wellbeing, social networks and opportunities.

Shoreditch Trust’s Health and Wellbeing programme helps people to make positive life choices and to take up opportunities to improve emotional, physical and social well being. Working as a session leader as for the Food for Life Program enabled me to combine my passion for health, community, and cooking and work in a wide variety of different settings. Usually this includes the design and delivery of nutrition classes and cooking workshops tailored to the needs and skills of a particular group, such as children, young parents, families, teenagers, pupils from a pupil referral unit, adults, carers, and individuals experiencing mental health difficulties. Cooking classes range from one-off events to 6-week courses.


The approach is simple:

• All of our recipes are based on accessible, affordable and seasonal ingredients
• We encourage a balanced diet, which means variety – and the occasional treat too!
• We favour natural flavours above all else – meaning plenty of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices.
• We avoid all things processed and use whole grains wherever we can.
• Many of our recipes are adapted from trusty favourites – with neat tips on how to make them healthier.

Taking part in outreach activities such as information and food stalls at open days, community gatherings or council events allowed me to reach a wider audience than those already interested in healthy eating and I got to know various different organisations, agencies and companies working towards similar goals: Improving the health and well being of individuals and communities.

Many of our clients are facing complex challenges when they begin their journey with us, and our extensive range of programmes provides the support they need to make positive changes in their lives.

The people-focused and peer-support approach enables us to model our services around the needs of those we support, facilitating individual and community development and encouraging people to achieve their goals – whether they are for improved physical or mental health and wellbeing, to escape feelings of isolation, to engage more in cultural and community events or to increase employment opportunities.

Shoreditch Trust works to reduce social and economic disadvantage in Hackney by supporting people to gain knowledge, skills and opportunities so that they can:

• Lead healthier, more fulfilling lives
• Actively engage and connect with their communities
• Gain confidence
• Achieve greater independence and resilience
• Access the services and support they need
• Participate fully in the workplace and in civil society.
We work with people who are:
• In need of additional support
• Looking to make positive changes in their lives
• Experiencing difficult transitions (from care or custody)
• Struggling with community, cultural or peer pressure
• Facing difficult family or personal circumstances
• Lacking skills or knowledge
• Living in poverty (social and economic isolation, exclusion).