Turning Earth Tuesdays at Union Street: A Weekly Vegan Pop Up!

Turning Earth Cafe is dedicated to offering foods and drinks that are good for the planet and the people:

Raw – Vegan – Organic – Local – Regional – Seasonal – Fairtrade

Crunchy salads, heart-warming soups and mouth-watering sourdough sandwiches. Tasty snacks and healthy drinks!



Launch Event: Saturday, 3rd of June, 10am – 5pm!

In Collaboration with Common Thread Clothing Exchange!


Regular Weekly Pop Up: Tuesdays, 10am to 5pm!


Introductory Offers, Discounts and Free Samples throughout June!




Check out our delicious sandwiches!



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Got some time to spend? Pop into Union Street every Tuesday, taste our food and stick around to meet people and do work!

In a rush? Pre-order online unionlunch.org and have your meal all ready and waiting for you!

Can’t get enough? Try our sharing & tasting platters!

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Turning Earth Cafe places a strong emphasis on organic, local, regional, seasonal and fair trade produce. This is good for local business, for individual and community health and wellbeing, for the global community and for the environment.

With every pound we spend, we cast a vote for the world we want to live in. Turning Earth aims to contribute to a world where both humans and nature strive. We imagine radiant neighbourhoods filled with shops and businesses, successful and satisfied communities and abundant, healthy nature all around us. Planning and shopping for Turning Earth events allows us to vote on a larger scale, every pound that I spend spells out that organic, local, regional, seasonal and fair trade is not only in demand, but the default option.



Let me give you an example:

We shop at Sheffield’s 7 Hills Bakery because their flour is organic and locally grown. The sourdough that we buy is vegan. It is made of equal parts of whole-meal, white and rye flour that supports good health and slow energy release. It is produced a short walk from my kitchen, thus no air miles and minimal transport. There is no packaging – we pick up a crate and return a crate. They are an independent Sheffield bakery and we want to support local business.

We shop at Barra Organics, because they are a small, innovative business entirely committed to organic produce – in fact, they are Sheffield’s First Full Organic Shop. Just like 7 Hills Bakery, they are down the road, which allows us to cut down on transport and packaging. Collaborating with Barra Organics allows Turning Earth to offer fresh, seasonal foods using ingredients from local growers, such as Wortley Hall , High Riggs, Moss Valley Growers. Our ever-changing salad and soup menu allows us to honour mother nature’s cycles, because we are able to adapt recipes according to season. And you can taste the difference! https://www.facebook.com/barraorganics/

We use only recycled, biodegradable or compostable materials from UK retailers for packaging. Turning Earth Cafe aims to leave as little trace as possible and supports sustainable choices.










Turning Earth Cafe is dedicated to offering foods and drinks that are good for the planet and the people.

Come to Turning Earth Cafe, Enjoy our fresh & satisfying menu and Cast your vote for the World that you want to live in!