Vegan Breakfast Clubs!

Vegan Pancakes, Home-made Granola, Delicious Fruit Platters and Hearty Tofu Scramble, Steaming Coffee and Fragrant Teas…Join Us at Turning Earth’s Super Scrumptious Vegan Breakfast Club!

9th Dec 2017
6th Jan 2018
24th Feb 2018
24th Mar 2018

10am to 2pm, 18 – 20 Union Street, S1.

What to expect?

Good Food! Nice People! Awesome Space!

This is a donation-based breakfast event with a suggested donation of 10 squid. There is a big buffet that is constantly topped up with new treats and hot food being prepared on the spot: Vegan Pancakes, Baked Beans, Veggie Fry-Ups, Tofu Scramble,… There are big tables to eat together, small tables to hermit away and swing and jazz on the stereo. And there are donation jars scattered around the place for you to chip in. We want everyone to be able to participate and a lack of squids will not stand in the way of you enjoying awesome breakfast and great company! However, we invite you to keep costs and effort of running an event like this in mind when making your donation so that we can run many many more events like this! 🙂

What next?


Booking in advance helps us MASSIVELY to plan the event in order to (1) avoid you being disappointed when all the food is gone and (2) avoid food waste when we make way too much and y’all too lazy to come out! 🙂 Don’t be shy to just turn up on the day, but if you know you’re coming – book a free ticket and let us know. Please return your ticket if you know you cannot make it.

Tell all your friends about it, invite them to our event and share share share. We want as many people from all walks of life and all corners of Sheffield and beyond to be able to join us 😀


We are always looking for kitchen fairies, hosts and hostesses, waiters and helpers. If you got a passion for Food, Event Organising, Veganism, Community, Sheffield, or you wanna join the event but got zero squids – volunteering is a great way to get involved! Please get in touch!

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