Vegan Supper Clubs!


You are invited to Turning Earth “Vegan Supper Club”!

So far, we have been hosted by New Roots, Foodhall, ..

Our recipe is easy: Good Food. Good People. Good Spaces.

Good Food.

Turning Earth Cafe is dedicated to offering foods and drinks that are good for the planet and the people:

Vegan – Organic – Local – Regional – Seasonal – Fairtrade

Enjoy a delicious, vegan 3-course dinner with wine and tea created and served by Laura von Nordheim, Turning Earth Cafe.

For our delicious, donation-based menu including starter, main and dessert, we recommend a donation of £10 to cover the costs associated with hosting an event like ours. You are invited to participate, whether you got lots or little to give. We kindly ask you to keep our costs in mind for event planning and organising, food shopping, food preparation and serving so that we can host many more events like this, accessible to everyone.

Good People.

That’s you! And me! And him! And her! And them! We wish to create a welcoming atmosphere where you can meet friends, make connections, and build a happy, healthy and nourishing network of good people. We can’t wait to meet you!

Good Spaces.

New Roots is a friendly, not-for-profit shop, entirely run by volunteers. New Roots sells vegetarian and vegan snacks, fair trade, gluten-free, and organic whole foods, and local, organic fruit and vegetables to the people to Sheffield. New Roots is more than just a shop. It’s a community!

Foodhall is Sheffield’s ‘Pay as You Feel’ dining room and freecycling food network ran by the community promoting cross societal engagement through food! Home to a range of artist studios and host to events ranging from music gigs to supper clubs and movie screenings, Foodhall is a Sheffield-based Project not to be missed.

Get in touch if you would like to VOLUNTEER or HOST US! 🙂

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