Youth and Social Department: Summer Camp!

Ferienkarussell provides children from disadvantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to visit local museums and sightseeing sights, participate in outdoor and indoor sport activities and enjoy trips to organic farms and nature reserves. The botanic gardens and he zoo invite children to explore the flora and fauna of the animal kingdom.

Working for the Youth- and Social Department in Frankfurt, Germany, was a very rewarding experience that taught me a lot of teamwork-, organisation- and co
mmunication skills. In order to organise a successful event, you must be able to relate to children
and parents from all sort of backgrounds, communicate effectively with your team members and superiors and keep good contact with the host organisations such as museums, farms, and local artists and musicians. Finding immediate, practical solutions to unexpected challenges is key. Being able to understand and satisfy the different – and sometimes conflicting – needs, demands and objectives of social services, parents and guardians, children and internal and external organisations was an exciting endeavour for me. Witnessing the transformation that children undergo when being allowed to learn, grow and achieve inspired me to pursue a career in psychology.